Interesting Tory Lane Facts and FAQs

Where is she now?

Is Tory Lane still active in the porn business? Yes. Well as of February 2011 she was (see update below). In fact she just did a movie with Hustler called Not Cougartown XXX due out in stores soon. In early 2010 Tory Lane was still being repped by LA Direct Models however according to them she was flaking out on jobs they would book for her. She wouldn’t show up or if she did she would be late. In early March they stopped taking bookings for her all together. However a few months later she came back and did a big scene in the BlueBird Films movie BatFXXX – their Batman parody. It was a mega budget movie and she played Poison Ivy. She is now listed again at LA Direct Models as actively booking work although she has put on 5 or 10 pounds since her early days. Not to noticeable but still a slight difference that her tie hard fans would defiantly make note of.

Tory Lane from her Hustler movie Not Cougartown XXX

Tory Lane

Tory Lane from her Blue Birds Film movie Bat FXXX

Update! Tory Lane in 2013 is back to her fighting weight and looking better than ever. Is she still active? You bet! If you want to know where she is now and exactly what she has been up to, click here for my where is she now page.

How tall is Tory Lane?

Tory Lane is 5 feet, 6 inches tall (168 cm)

Does Tory Lane have an official site?

Absolutely and she actually makes new content for it a few times a year and those updates get posted each month as new content, which is often times exclusive to her official website. Click here to visit Tory Lane’s official site.

What are Tory Lane’s measurements?


Is Tory married?

No but she was. In 2005 she was married to Rick Shameless in Las Vegas. However in 2006 their marriage was annulled.

How old is Tory?

Tory Lane was born September 30, 1982 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Who is Tory’s favorite pornstar?

It would probably be her best friend Harmony Rose. The two of them were friends back in Florida, waitresses together at Hooters, roommates and even got into the business together.

I’ve seen 4 photos of Tory Lane and each one looks so different. Is there more than one pornstar named Tory Lane?

That’s a good question and the answer is no, there is only one Tory Lane. Tory is one of those people who in real life resembles the girl next door. She doesn’t look like a famous movie star but what makes her unique is she photographs really well at times and looks very much like a celebrity. She’s a great box cover girl meaning that movie companies love how well she photographs so that they can have a really hot cover shot for their movie. Even more unusual is that Tory can photograph in a way that she looks like a totally different person (almost) in her pictures as shown in the image below.

porn star tory lane

I heard Tory Lane was a nurse or went to school for it. Is that true?

No that’s not true but close. Tory Lane completed two years of schooling and is a certified medical assistant. They are basically the girls who take your blood and vitals before you see the doctor or keep track of all those medical files and charts.  Tory Lane told AVN a few years ago that she also has an associates degree in business.

Has Tory even done anal?

Of course! Honestly the question isn’t what has Tory done, it’s what hasn’t she done. Tory has done anal, blow jobs, deep throat, pussy licking, ass licking, taken a BIG cock, threesomes with two males and girls on girl.   In the movie 59 seconds she did Anal, a Facial and Double Penetration.